The Fantasy Basketball Pun Encyclopedia

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February 5, 2013 by Brandon Keller

NBA Fantasy Basketball pun

Fantasy basketball is really fun. However, what really puts the sport over the top is all of the pun possibilites for your team’s name. In no other sport do you have such a wide array of diverse and unique names among the superstars of the league. I mean, the best player in the league is named LeBron for Moses’ sake. So the rule is, take a player on your team, find a great pun, and you have a world class fantasy basketball team name.

So with that in mind, we put the Bat Signal to the sky and a Pun Creating Super Team was formed, featuring Will Purvis, Shane Diesel JJ Pontes, Michael Emerson, Michael Robinson, and myself. We are burdened with the task of compiling a list of some of the best puns in the league, organized by player’s last name.

Note: Only players who are owned in 90% or more of Yahoo leagues were considered


Aldridge, LaMarcus
- Ruffles Have Ald-Ridges
- Water Under the Aldridge

Anderson, Ryan
- Get Rich or Die Ryan
- Goodbye Mr. Anderson

Anthony, Carmelo
- A Simple Melo-dy
- Don’t Harsh My Melo
- Melo Yellow


Batum, Nicolas
- Batum Raider
- Batum Bitch

Bosh, Chris
- Bosh Soph
- Like a Bosh

Bryant, Kobe
- Kobe-wan Kinobe
- Ko-Behave


Chandler, Tyson
- United States Tyson-tennial
- The Tyson Zone

Cousins, DeMarcus
- Boogie Nights
- Kissing Cousins

Curry, Steph
- Curry Spice
- Curry-Up Offense


Davis, Anthony
- D-Avis Rent a Car
- Alien Ant-thony Farm

Dragic, Goran
- My Heart Will Goran
- Can’t Goran Much Longer

Duncan, Tim
- Duncan Donuts
- America Runs on Duncan
- Duncan Public

Durant, Kevin
- Stairway to Kevin
- Duran Durant
- Du-Ranting and Raving


Ellis, Monta
- If All Ellis Fails
- The Full Monta


Garnett, Kevin
- Stairway to Kevin
- Nothing But Gar-Nett
- Gar-Nett Worth

Gasol, Marc
- Zero Marc Thirty
- Are You Afraid Of The Marc?
- X Marc’s the Spot

Gasol, Pau
- Paulowing the Leader
- Pau, Right in the Kisser

Gay, Rudy
- A Rude-y Awakening
- Rudy To Rumble

George, Paul
- Curious Paul George
- The Summer of George

Gortat, Marcin
- Hakuna Gortata
- Embrace the Marcin

Griffin, Blake
- Frosted Blakes
- Blake Superior
- My Achy Blakey Heart


Harden, James
- Harden the Interruption
- Ball So Harden

Holiday, Jrue
- Jrue or False
- Jrueblood
- Jrue Détat

Horford, Al
- Al-ifornia Love
- Built Hor-Ford Tough
- This is Hor-Forty

Howard, Dwight
- All Dwight Moves
- Don’t Matter If You Black or Dwight
- Dwight Men Can’t Jump


Ibaka, Serge
- Ibaka Flocka Flame
- Serge Protector
- Serge I-Block-Ya

Iguodala, Andre
- Iguo-Dolla, Dolla, Bill Ya’ll
- That Shit Dre
- Iggy Pop

Irving, Kyrie
- The Kyrie Cyrus Show
- Cobra Kyrie
- Sw-Irving Side To Side


James, LeBron
- LB James and The Giant Peach
- Lebronosaurus Rex

Jefferson, Al
- Al-ifornia Love
- The Jefferson’s
- Mr. Jefferson

Jennings, Brandon
- Cool Jennings Mon
- Jennings-ration X

Johnson, Joe
- Not Your Average Joe
- Cup of Joe


Lawson, Ty
- Breaking the Lawson
- Lawson and Order

Lee, David
- Do You BeLEEve In Miracles?
- LEEn On Me


Monroe, Greg
- Monroe Row Row Your Boat
- Monroe-Sham-Bow


Nash, Steve
- Please use the Nash Tray
- Straight Nashty
- It Was A Monster Nash

Noah, Joakim
- Noah’s Ark
- Check Yes or Noah
- Noah Constrictor

Nowitzki, Dirk
- Circle Dirk
- Knee Dirk Reaction


Parker, Tony
- Walk in the Parker
- Magic Parker

Paul, Chris
- Free-for-Paul
- Mr. Know-it-Paul

Pierce, Paul
- You Can’t Handle the Truth!
- Sasha Pierce


Randolph, Zach
- Zach 2 The Future
- Return of the Zach
- Randolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Rondo, Rajon
- Rajon Valjean
- Tae-Rondo
- The Rajon Cajun


Smith, Josh
- The Smith Element
- The Man, the Smith, the Legend


Wade, Dwayne
- Wade in Full
- Dwayne’s World
- Dwayneing Buckets

Westbrook, Russell
- Wild Wild Westbrook
- North By Northwestbrook
- Russell and Flow

Williams, Deron
- Deron Trouble Now
- Double Dog Deron

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