What is 3 and D?

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A 3 and D player is a term used for one of the most valuable commodities in the NBA. A combination of recent rule changes and an increased emphasis on statistical analysis has created a niche for a group of players who once were afterthoughts.

A player who can stretch the defense by making three-pointers and guard multiple positions on the other end has become a necessity for any team intent on competing in the modern NBA. This recent trend can best be seen in the immense contracts given this offseason to prototypical “3 and D” players. Guys like Wesley Matthews, Danny Green, Khris Middleton and DeMarre Carroll, in another time, would be relegated to “role player” status. Now, all four are pulling in 8 figures a year.

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Brandon Keller has never played basketball competitively, be it in High School, College or abroad. He has, however, watched basketball competitively for as long he can remember, and follows it with the passion and vigor of a Russell Westbrook fast break.

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  1. […] Lee occupies a very specific and important role on an NBA roster: the 3-and-D specialist. In an NBA that is moving towards floor spacing and three-point shooting it is becoming […]

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