The Best Basketball Rap Songs


January 17, 2013 by Brandon Keller

Basketball and hip hop go together like strippers and chlamydia, and it makes sense because you have to have similar skill sets. Both have to have the self confidence of Kanye West on PCP, need to beat countless others with the same goals to make it to the top, and, well, this is awkward… are black. So let’s celebrate this allurring alliance with a list of some of the best basketball themed rap songs:

Lil Wayne- Kobe Bryant

Not a huge Weezy fan, but he kills this track. Uses his obvious basketball knowledge to do more than a shout out, this is a straight up tribute to Kobe that will have Laker fans sailing at full mast in no time. Bonus points for this being released during Lil Wayne’s absolute apex.

Best Line: Kobe doin’ work, 24 on my shirt, he the greatest on the court man I’m the greatest on the verse.

Tyga- Lob City

Not the best lyrics, but you gotta give Tyga credit for jumping on the Lob City bandwagon right from the get go.

Best Line: I need the ring pronto, shout out to Vinny Del Negro. Bledsoe, Money Mo Wil, Brian Cook though, bout to make it rain you get a poncho.

Judge- Stat and Melo

Winner of the best hook. Stat and Melo is just fun to say, and I remember clearly I was saying this every time either of them scored after I heard this. Now, it hurts a little that STAT and Melo have played like dog poop together, but still holds up.

Best Line: Miami Heat, that’s nothin’, Carmelo with the shot, it’s STAT dunkin’

Rob G- Reppin My Block (Spurs Remix)

This guy has good flow, but settles for cliches. I mean, the Spurs play a unique and exhilarating brand of basketball, and this is the best you got?

Best Line: They take it inside, or kick it out and make a trey, do it on the day to day, the Spurs will show the way to play

Flo Rida- We Already Won

This has the “Not one, not two…” Heat swagger all over it. Cocky, brass, and throwing a giant middle finger to the rest of the league.

Best Line: We already won, we already won, We get Lebron James, it’s already done. You seen the interview, you heard what he said, I’m-a do South Beach with my homeboy Wade

Did we forget your team’s anthem? Let us know


5 thoughts on “The Best Basketball Rap Songs

  1. Michael Emerson says:

    Got to include the best song by actual NBA players. Shout out to Bryan Grant, Bonzi Wells and Damon Stoudamire!

  2. Not sure how I forgot this jam:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get John wall or in the zone or brin them out

  4. Anonymous says:

    hot nigga

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