2016 X Factor- Cleveland Cavaliers

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October 22, 2015 by Brandon Keller

To win in the NBA, teams need a player to exceed expectations. With that in mind, we look at 2016’s make or break players for each NBA teams.

The Cavs are really really good. The main reason why?

They have LeBron James and you don’t.


He is simply the best and most impactful player in the NBA, and if he is healthy and on the court the Cavaliers have to be considered the favorites to get to the NBA Finals. Cleveland lives and dies with LeBron, and if those back injections are a harbinger of what’s to come, it doesn’t matter how good Kyrie or K-Love are. The Cavs are toast.

That is why it would be heresy to name anyone besides The King as the X-Factor for this team. He is the X-Factor, the Y-Factor, the Z-Factor, and circle back around to A-Factor and go through the whole alphabet again. As LeBron goes, the NBA goes. He nearly won a ring flanked by the likes of Tristan Thompson and Matthew Dellavedova. This year, the sky is the limit.

LeBron James is the key to the Cavaliers winning the NBA title


Atlanta Hawks- Dennis Schröder
Boston Celtic- Jared Sullinger
Brookyln Nets- Jarrett Jack
Charlotte Hornets- Nicolas Batum
Chicago Bulls- Joakim Noah


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