30 Teams, 30 Rappers: Miami Heat and Kanye West

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March 13, 2013 by Brandon Keller

Each NBA team, like an MC in the rap game, has its own unique personality, style and way of doing things. From the relentless energy brought by the Nuggets to the consistent hits pumped out by the Spurs, teams take up an identity that can be easily paralleled by a rapper. With that in mind, here is part 1 of the series, featuring the Miami Heat looking in the mirror and seeing Kanye West staring them dead in the eyes.

Narcistic. Egotistical. Opulent. Unpredictable. Kanye and the Heat draw a lot of hate for their cocky demeanor and repeated desire to tell anyone who will listen they are the best around. LeBron “taking his talent’s to South Beach” is merely a training session in self-adulation when compared to the body of work built up by the Aristocrat of Arrogance, the Viceroy of Vain, Mr. Kanye West. Calling himself “the voice of this generation” is point A in a laundry list of acts of douche-baggery, which can be found in vivid detail by simply Googling “Kanye West is a douche“. Of course for the Heat, who can forget this farce:

Painful to watch, I know. I especially love the performance by Chris Bosh, particularly when he tries to cool guy it and check himself in the camera after they announce his name at around 1:01 in. Couldn’t you just see Kanye on the stage with them? It is just so ridiculous the way they flaunt around, thinking they are all that and a bag of potato chips. The only problem is, well, they kinda are. The Heat have gone to the finals both years since they signed LeBron and Bosh , winning it all last year (with another title likely on the way) and firmly establishing they are a dynasty in the making. Kanye has pretty much dominated both the awards and radio since he burst onto the scene with The College Dropout in 2005, winning 21 Grammy’s (6th most of all time) and all 5 of his solo albums have gone platinum. And before you start crying about how much Kanye sucks, take a look at his hit songs and tell me you don’t dig on these jams like a shovel in a swimming pool of Smuckers.

So yeah, they talk about how great they are. But they are the only ones alive who can back it up.

Kanye West Heat Welcome Party

Ain’t nobody f****n’ with my Clique

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